Postponed before it began

My first floor refresh project idea all started with a new paint color. I wanted to paint the walls of my whole first floor to lighten things up, but I knew with the amount of windows, and that I wanted to paint the trim as well, I would need a professional.

Then, one of my BFFs suggested wallpaper for the dining room. And then lighting went on sale.

Then a transition from my current laminate flooring broke, and I decided to do the floors. I wanted this to be done professionally, too.

Well, turns out floors should be installed before paint. And all the pretty accents after that.

This started in about February. With the pandemic still raging and only healthcare professionals getting vaccines, I naturally wanted to wait. I had a couple of days off in May and my hectic schedule slowed down then, so I decided on May delivery and installation.

So, while I waited for a break in the pandemic, I put together a complete design scheme with phases included, with floors from a certain big box store.

This is going to be a rant, so fair warning!!

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