Home Office Reno, part 5 of … The Little Things

For the last few weeks, this #WeekendDIYGirl has been doing a few repainting and arts and crafts projects to finish up my home office. While some upsetting life stuff a few weeks ago threw a wrench into some of my plans and fizzled a little of my motivation, it also gave me more free time to finish my projects.

Repainting Everything

My color palate here for my accessories consists of white and charcoal gray. I repainted several items that I want to reintroduce into my office for functionality:

  • Pen and knick-knack container (gray)
  • Bookends ( gray and white)
  • File cabinet (white)
  • picture frames (gray)
File cabinet before ( left-hand side or 1st image) and after (right hand side or 2nd image)

Recycled or Recreated

A few other projects I worked on (and am still working on) were done to update the item itself or to replace something I had previously

Clock (Still in the works): I took the mechanics off my broken clock and made a new one from leftover pieces of my desk and some numbers from a craft store. We’ll see how that turns out.

Wall hanger: I upgraded the craftsmanship on this project (a DIY experiment a few years ago) and repainted it to better match the current décor.

What’s next?

I still have some cleaning and organizing to do before I’m finally satisfied. I’m already using the office, however, and I love it! This has been a long journey, but it turned out great! See the finished pics on the next blog post.

If you want to see how any of these projects were done, drop me a comment below!

Crafting Continues. . .

Now that it’s hot EVERYWHERE in the US, it’s become en vogue (not to mention, safe) for everyone to stay cool and indoors during the hottest parts of the day.

For the past few weekends I’ve taken this indoor free time to complete several crafting projects. While I’m only going to tease them here, (full details soon  = when completed!) I encourage everyone “stuck indoors” to stretch their creative parts of their minds, and do a small project or two.  Not only will you wrinkle that part of your brain some more ( a good thing 😉 ), but you’ll also appreciate how much it takes to actually complete a crafting project. With my indoor projects I’ve learned:

  • The art of wood burning
  • alternative uses for cupcake holders (and how to make them)
  • using essential oils
  • working with charms and jewelry
  • etching glasscupcake-holder

I think I feel my brain wrinkling already!