Weekends on Wednesday: Free Spirit Crafting Co. on Etsy

Because my Etsy shop has nothing in it at the moment (I’m feverishly working on a romance novel), here is a new Etsy shop that I’m loving right now. Free Spirit Crafting Company has cute handcrafted keychains, makeup bags, and jewelry among other items. They are made by free spirited designer Dana T. for thoseContinue reading “Weekends on Wednesday: Free Spirit Crafting Co. on Etsy”

Easy Art Installation

I love flowers. But cut flowers depress me a little because they don’t last. Why not capture the beauty in a photo or better yet a series of photos? I took a few pictures of this arrangement I received using my newly up-cycled coffee table as a background. These were staged photos, but they wereContinue reading “Easy Art Installation”

Shine a Little Light (Re-Wiring a Lamp)

As most of you know, I don’t mess with electricity. In fact, recently, I paid an electrician to repair my doorbell (simple repair, expensive bill). But in my FOREVER project–my home office update–I realized I needed new lighting. Most DIY/home shows tell you how easy it is to make your own lamp, so I thoughtContinue reading “Shine a Little Light (Re-Wiring a Lamp)”

The Never-Ending Desktop Project

This project that wasn’t supposed to happen  just wouldn’t end. I worked on this desktop for about 8 months on the weekends. Some weekends, it just sat in my garage, already gathering dust. How it began The real project (that I haven’t started yet) is a coffee table up-cycle using some wood from a brokenContinue reading “The Never-Ending Desktop Project”