Home Office Reno, part 4 of…The Bookcase Debacle

In my Home Office Reno, part 4, I started off with two bookcases: a tall, 8-cubed unit in a satin maple finish, and a short, wide double shelf bookcase with an oak laminate finish that I spray painted an antique gold. Two finishes that no longer work in the space. In a previous redesign, IContinue reading “Home Office Reno, part 4 of…The Bookcase Debacle”

Home Office Reno, part 3 of… Desk is finally done!

Finally! the desk I dismantled and sanded in April 2020 is finally done 3 months later! If you’ve seen my IG, you know I did have to break my quarantine to go to a home improvement store (for, among other things, a new toilet seat. Toilet seat replacement in an upcoming post). So, of courseContinue reading “Home Office Reno, part 3 of… Desk is finally done!”

Even DIYers get it wrong…

Parts 3 and 4 of my Home Office Renovation are to paint 2 pieces of major furniture: A double bookshelf and my desk. The desk interior cubby needs one more coat, but after that, I’m stalled while doing my part to #StayAtHome. After all, there’s so much more to do on this renovation. I thoughtContinue reading “Even DIYers get it wrong…”

Home Office Renovation, Part 3 of …

Even though it doesn’t feel like winter here, I have been hibernating in a sense, mostly hunkered down writing my debut romance novel. I have been working on a couple of projects off and on. One is my coffee table up-cycle, and the other is a home office renovation I’ve been talking myself into forContinue reading “Home Office Renovation, Part 3 of …”