Healing and Learning

After my debacle with the “big box store” delivery chain problem, I had to switch gears, re-think, and ultimately put a hold on my first floor refresh project. The main reason […]

Say I love you with…a toilet seat replacement?

Valentine’s Day is not just about giving candy and cards to significant others and friends, it’s about showing your love language. Which for my brother must be acts of service because […]

Even DIYers get it wrong…

Parts 3 and 4 of my Home Office Renovation are to paint 2 pieces of major furniture: A double bookshelf and my desk. The desk interior cubby needs one more coat, […]

Home Office Reno Update

Walls finished finally. I can’t get paint for my next project (the desk) because I’m doing my part to #stayhome so now’s the time to clean clutter. *sigh* so much clutter. […]

Easy Art Installation

I love flowers. But cut flowers depress me a little because they don’t last. Why not capture the beauty in a photo or better yet a series of photos? I took […]

Shine a Little Light (Re-Wiring a Lamp)

As most of you know, I don’t mess with electricity. In fact, recently, I paid an electrician to repair my doorbell (simple repair, expensive bill). But in my FOREVER project–my home […]

The Never-Ending Desktop Project

This project that wasn’t supposed to happen  just wouldn’t end. I worked on this desktop for about 8 months on the weekends. Some weekends, it just sat in my garage, already […]


While I’m stalled on my current projects–2 woodcraft projects: a desk and a coffee table–I’m thinking about how to keep giving you content you like, but not bombarding you with stuff […]

Paying for assembly?

I was at a home improvement store, picking up my order which included a patio table. The store clerk asked if someone called me offering assembly. I thought, what the heck […]

Bookcase Reno: A New Look in a Hurry

What do you do with paint samples that aren’t exactly the right color and leftover spray paint from previous projects? You paint a piece of furniture that sorely needs an update. […]

Footstool Upcycle

Finally! I’m back with a new DIY project! Thanks, readers, for hanging in there through the blog move and waiting for the next DIY. I’ve been hinting at this on  my Instagram for […]

We have moved!

For the last few days, I have been moving Weekend DIY Girl to a site with her name! Welcome to WeekendDIYGirl.wordpress.com, home of all things amateur DIY.  I’ve got a different […]

On hiatus this weekend #BlackPanther

This weekend I won’t be DIY-ing. Instead I’ll be watching Marvel Studio’s Black Panther. I suggest you do the same! And while you’re getting ready, check out my post on the audience […]

Stained and Stenciled Photo Frame

Skill Level: Beginner Tools Needed: Wood frame (this is a 5 x 7″ size), Water-based stain (this color is “Jacobean” from Minwax), acrylic paint water-based varnish (or other water-based sealants), paint brush […]

DIY Custom Closet Shelf

Tools Needed: 1/2 Plywood sheet (This was a 2′ x 4′ sheet)–this is our shelf, 1″ x 3″ x 8′ board (this is a furring strip board)–this will be cut into […]

Crafting: Burnished Wood Necklace

*This project is for sale in my Etsy Shop. Skill Level: Beginner (If you know NOTHING about tools–Intermediate) Tools Needed: Circular Pieces of wood 2″ diameter (1 per necklace, but have […]

Swag Bag Project #4: Etched Glass Mug

Skill/Difficulty Level: Easy, especially if you are patient Tools Needed: Etching Cream, glass object that you want to etch (here–a glass mug), rubber gloves, small sponge paintbrush–the smaller the area the smaller […]

The Project Pile-up

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me (thanks for hanging in there!) but I haven’t stopped crafting and DIYing. In the coming weeks, I’ll be blogging about my many […]

Crafting Deal of the Day

So I have decided after a week of trying to live with an old centerpiece creation that I am going to create another one–partially natural, partially not–based on inspiration from my […]

Swag Bag Project #2: Hand Towel Cupcakes

  Skill level: Easy Ingredients used: (for 1 cupcake) Washcloth or Hand towel, decorative scrapbook paper (I used cardstock thickness), scissors – if you have ones with the scalloped edges, this is […]

Showing Off the New Fireplace!

Skill Level: Easy Materials Needed: Paint–with primer added or get primer separately (Paint color: Soothing Green Tea from Glidden in semi-gloss), fine grit sandpaper and scissors (or an electric sander with […]

Lazy Susan: The hardest easy project ever

Difficulty Level: Easy (if you can figure out the instructions) Materials used: Lazy Susan hardware 6″, Four #6 Sheet metal screws (had to be bought separately!), Wood circle base (8″ diameter), 1/2″ wood dowel, power drill […]


Difficulty Level: Intermediate (If you have patience, you can do this. If not, it will be hard.) Time Needed: Varies, depending on your skill level. For a beginner, like me, it took me […]


I recognize potential every time I see a piece of furniture in the garbage. But knowing potential and having a goal for the completion of a project are two different ideas. […]

Dresser-Nightstand Upcycle

  Difficulty level: Intermediate (if you’re not afraid of saws), Hard (if you are) This has been my greatest project to date, but it was not just one weekend. This was […]

Upholstered Bulletin Board

For Sale: While most of the material for this project was purchased new, the backing is a hardwood (pressed board) composite that I had leftover from my dresser project (see upcoming blog […]

Raised bed

Difficulty Level: Easy Tools: untreated wood (preferably cedar–this is not, but I was just trying something.) I picked my length based on boards that were pre-cut. The width is based on […]

Toilet Flapper Replacement

*UPDATE*:  If your toilet is running constantly, fix it as soon as possible. I just connected 3 months of high water bills (4x as much as a normal bill) with this […]

Battery-Operated Smoke detector replacement

Difficulty level: Easy Did you know that you should replace your smoke detectors every 10 years? This is a battery operated smoke detector, so I felt I could handle this replacement. […]

Floral Centerpiece

This weekend’s project is the start of what will be several days of putting together fall floral centerpieces. I’ve taken leftover silk leaves from last year’s Christmas arrangements and spray painted […]

New theme here; new blog there

To everyone following this blog: To keep my branding consistent, I have moved my blog with writing and societal views from a writer’s perspective. The new address for that blog is […]

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