Instagram Giveaway from my favorite crafter!

I’ve reached 200 followers on Instagram! To celebrate, I am giving away a craft item from one of my favorite Etsy Crafters, Create Some Envy. You probably remember my post on her store when it was Free Spirit Crafting Co. She has expanded her offerings, so you should check them out!

In the meantime, see my post below on how to enter. Giveaway ends 10/31/20 at 11:59 PM EDT!

Stained and Stenciled Photo Frame

Skill Level: Beginner

Tools Needed: Wood frame (this is a 5 x 7″ size), Water-based stain (this color is “Jacobean” from Minwax), acrylic paint water-based varnish (or other water-based sealants), paint brush or rag for stain, plastic picture glass or Plexiglas, sponge paintbrush (stencil brush), plastic stencil of your choice, picture hanging hardware, 320-grit sandpaper

Because I haven’t worked with wood in a little while, and because I had a perfect photo to go with a frame that was stained with this dark color that I’d already bought, I decided to craft a photo frame instead of buy one. If you would rather buy one, click here to go to my Etsy store.

Wood frame after staining


1.) Before staining wood, sand and clean the wood, even it it’s something already shaped and “ready” like this is.  I did a light sanding with a 320-grit sandpaper just to make sure  it’s ready for stain. Then I wiped it off with a lint- free cloth, slightly dampened. After the frame dried it was ready for stain!

I like to brush this stain on with a sponge brush because I like the dark look of it. Wiping stain on with a cloth will give you a lighter version of your color. This is really about preference here and how your particular piece of wood will take stain.  Most of the craft store wood frames are a soft wood like this pine and will just soak up the stain.

Stencil applied, stencil brush shown on right side.

2.) Stain dries pretty quickly, but I gave it at least a day to fully dry before I stenciled the design on it. I used acrylic paint – you can find it in any craft store. Stenciling is easy once you get the hang of it.  The trick is to keep  the stencil stable while you paint. Adhesive stencils are always best. These were not adhesive, so I had to tape the stencil down first. As you can see, the bottom stencil moved some on me and the pattern came out blurry. This will also happen if you have too much paint on your stencil brush (which is what happened here). The top stencil, which looks a lot better in my opinion, was done after I had experimented with the bottom stencil.

Frame after 2 coats of varnish

3.) After I let my stencil dry, I used some water- based acrylic paint varnish to seal everything.  The varnish is in a satin finish to give it that shine. (pictured.) Once this was dry it was ready to assemble!


4.) This particular frame didn’t come with a glass to hold and preserve photos, so I purchased a plastic  one from a local craft store. I also purchased a photo matte sized for the frame and picture (here, a 5×7 matte with a 4×6 picture opening). Because of the frame style, I had to cut the corners of the matte and safety glass to get them in the frame.

5.) I attached a sawtooth picture hanger on the back of the frame to hang it to the wall. Now it’s ready for my favorite photo!

Lessons Learned

1.) Don’t load up stencil brush with paint and keep stencil in place when stenciling. This will take time.

2.) I didn’t like having to work with a rounded-edge frame, like this, so I probably wont do this again soon.

3.) Stain is awesome, but it’s even better with a sealant. Always seal if you want that professional polished look!

“Weekends on Wednesday” Striped Multi-tonal Scarf

Since I am still getting my project pictures together, I wanted to highlight an Etsy Store newcomer just in time for the cold temps of the holiday season.

This is the same pattern as our popular  teal and dark gray cowl neck scarf.  Suitable for men and women, the weave of the scarf is on trend with today’s large chunky scarves. This is 100% wool (acrylic). You can buy this scarf here!

Weekends on Wednesday: Geometric Yarn Art on Canvas

This Wednesday features a piece of art I created using a crochet technique. The  handcrafted art is approximately 18″ x 22.5″ and is mounted on a 16″ x 20 ” black canvas. The geometric design is crocheted then hand sewn onto the rectangular crocheted aqua background.

The art was made with wool (100% acrylic) yarn and mounted with push pins onto a black dyed canvas on a wood frame. Price includes art piece mounted on canvas as shown, but it can be removed from the canvas easily if you would rather have it framed yourself. This is a great conversation piece and would look great in any  entryway, hallway, bedroom, craft room, or stairwell. Not recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms (unless framed). Click here to buy.

*Want to DIY instead of buy? Contact me to request a tutorial.

Weekends on Wednesday: A second chance at a great handmade scarf

“Weekends on Wednesday” will feature a blog project or handmade craft on sale in my Etsy shop each week. If you can’t DIY, then buy!

This week, I feature a handmade apparel item from earlier in the year: dark brown, multi-tonal scarf.  This is suitable for men and women, and is 100% cotton. It’s a long skinny scarf which is a great addition to today’s business and business casual wear.

I had this in my Etsy shop in the spring, but I think the colors are more suited to fall. Here’s the previous post for the scarf with a link to purchase.