Say I love you with…a toilet seat replacement?

Valentine’s Day is not just about giving candy and cards to significant others and friends, it’s about showing your love language. Which for my brother must be acts of service because it involves replacing a toilet seat.


Well to be fair, I had already called my brother to help repair a piece of furniture, and we had both forgotten it was Valentine’s Day weekend, and since he already had the tools out for the furniture, he replaced the toilet seat in my guest bathroom, too. He uses that one after all. So, this really has nothing to do with love. Well, some caring.

Brief backstory: if you will remember my IG post from July 2020, I had this as a TO-DO project. It’s not a hard thing to do, especially with newer toilets like I have, but for some reason I didn’t have the motivation…or something to get this done. It’s probably a combination of not liking germs (I’m a little germophobic, and this is the guest bathroom) and scared that my phone would fall in the toilet while I tried to get a picture.

Instagram photo. The desk got done, the toilet seat not so much.
Before I had to return it for the right color. Oy vey!

So, after exchanging the seats because they were the wrong color, I just sat one in the guest bathroom and did nothing.

Turns out it really isn’t hard to replace the seat with the right tools. I knew this; I just didn’t want to believe it. The seat comes with all the hardware you need, and with a screwdriver and a basic adjustable wrench, you can replace your seat in 10 minutes.

The wrench is needed to hold the fasteners underneath (those white plastic parts) while you unscrew it at the top. The hardest part of the install was figuring out how to get the screw holes of the new toilet seat to lay flat so you can attach it to the toilet. Just a little spatial thinking (open the lid to work the screw assembly flat into place), and you’re ready to install. Easy peasy!

Now, I guess I’ve got to do my own toilet seat replacement. Do I love myself that much?

Sometimes things don’t turn out right… Home Office Reno, part 6 of 7

I attempted two final projects in my home office renovation that I thought could easily be done with some items I already own. One was a clock, the other was a wastebasket. Turns out I was wrong. On both counts.

I attempted the clock a few months ago. Like, it was still hot outside. ( Of course that could have been yesterday in my neck of the woods.) After I broke down my desk for its upcycle, I had several pieces of wood left over. Because my clock was slowly disintegrating – as in every time I moved it, a piece would break off – I thought why not cut another clock out of one of these pieces?

The Clock Mistake

First problem: I used the glass front of my old clock as a template for the new one. I had a piece big enough for the pattern, but cutting it was a different story. This particleboard is seriously thick, and my jigsaw blade was not having it. Hence, the lopsided circle.

Second problem: After painting, I drilled a hole for the clock’s hands to fit through. After about 4 tries with estimating the size of the hole needed, I’d cut it too big – and as I would find out later – not centered. I threw it off to the side – paint still wet, so it stuck to some paper – and gave up on it for a few weeks.

Third problem (and most time consuming): A few easy-peasy YouTube videos showed me that I needed to cut a square in the back for the clock parts to fit in. Yep, easy if you have an oscillating tool. I did not, nor was I going to get one just for this job. I tried to do a workaround by creatively drilling from the place where I’d made the clock hands’ hole. Did not work. Then, I used a chisel. No go. After giving up again, I finally had my brother carve it out with his oscillating tool. Come to find out, the hole I drilled and the lines I templated for the cut out did not exactly line up. So the clock hands were off center from where I wanted them.

The finished product. This is 12:00:15. ( Notice how it’s slightly off.)

Fourth problem: Painting the numbers was a breeze. Lining them up correctly, after I had applied glue to attach them was not. So several are not in the exact right place. I figured out, too late, that I could use the clock hands to help line them up based on where the off-centered hands were.

The wastebasket #Fail

Hazmat! Sort of…

I wanted to use a weaved basket as a waste container, so I decided to get a spray sealing product to seal all the holes between the weave.

First problem: There were so many warnings on this product, I felt if I wasn’t in as close to wearing a hazmat suit as possible, I wouldn’t be safe. So, here’s me trying to get ready.

Second problem: The spray basically shellacked the interior of the basket, there was no sealing holes here. I feel I bought the wrong product for the application.

Third problem: For about $5.00, I got two good puffs of product. Even if it had been the right thing, it would not have covered the small basket much less anything else. It was a waste of money.

While I may go back and try a different product for the wastebasket, it won’t be any time soon. I’ll just make sure I have trash can liners that fit.

Lessons Learned: Sometimes projects are more about learning what not to do rather than the finished product. As long as you aren’t selling that finished product. These will be for my use only. And our education.

Coming up in a future post: Look out for a VIDEO of my finished home office reno!

Quarantine 2020 Projects: Shelf Floor Lamp Upcycle

Quarantine has been interesting for my #WeekendDIYGirl projects. I can’t help seeing all these projects I want to tackle because I am around the house all day.

This project happened because I decided to rearrange my bedroom. (I had the furniture moving stuff out from my home office reno and thought why not? *smh*) When I did, I found that I had too much furniture in my bedroom, so I moved these to my bonus room, which could use some better lighting solutions. The oak wood and beige shades were not the right look for my bonus room’s vibe, so I repainted these and got new shades for them.

The shades I wanted were hard to find in the right size. A quick search from IKEA gave me the right shade, but as many know, only IKEA lamps fit IKEA shades. So I kept searching, but I came up empty. I used a hack from the Shine Your Light Blog, which meant I had to go source the items. So what could have been an easy weekend project turned into a month-long research and sourcing project during quarantine. But the results are amazing!

Before image (left (or top)) a slightly updated version of my lamp. Photo Credit: Target Corporation.


  • Paint Color: Pewter Gray Paint + Primer (Rustoleum) spray paint, 2 cans for each lamp
  • Sandpaper, painter’s tape, and tack cloth
  • Lampshades: RINGSTA from IKEA
  • Lampshade hack supplies (See Shine Your Light Blog post)
  • White zip ties ( to replace brown zip ties that keep the cord out of the way of the shelves.)

Instagram Giveaway from my favorite crafter!

I’ve reached 200 followers on Instagram! To celebrate, I am giving away a craft item from one of my favorite Etsy Crafters, Create Some Envy. You probably remember my post on her store when it was Free Spirit Crafting Co. She has expanded her offerings, so you should check them out!

In the meantime, see my post below on how to enter. Giveaway ends 10/31/20 at 11:59 PM EDT!

Home Office Reno, part 5 of … The Little Things

For the last few weeks, this #WeekendDIYGirl has been doing a few repainting and arts and crafts projects to finish up my home office. While some upsetting life stuff a few weeks ago threw a wrench into some of my plans and fizzled a little of my motivation, it also gave me more free time to finish my projects.

Repainting Everything

My color palate here for my accessories consists of white and charcoal gray. I repainted several items that I want to reintroduce into my office for functionality:

  • Pen and knick-knack container (gray)
  • Bookends ( gray and white)
  • File cabinet (white)
  • picture frames (gray)
File cabinet before ( left-hand side or 1st image) and after (right hand side or 2nd image)

Recycled or Recreated

A few other projects I worked on (and am still working on) were done to update the item itself or to replace something I had previously

Clock (Still in the works): I took the mechanics off my broken clock and made a new one from leftover pieces of my desk and some numbers from a craft store. We’ll see how that turns out.

Wall hanger: I upgraded the craftsmanship on this project (a DIY experiment a few years ago) and repainted it to better match the current décor.

What’s next?

I still have some cleaning and organizing to do before I’m finally satisfied. I’m already using the office, however, and I love it! This has been a long journey, but it turned out great! See the finished pics on the next blog post.

If you want to see how any of these projects were done, drop me a comment below!