About Y. M. Nelson

I’m Y. M. Nelson, based in Charlotte,NC and I write about love, women’s journeys, and amateur DIY. After I spent most of my writing “career” ghostwriting for companies and realized there were no passionate verbs in company instruction manuals, I decided to produce and share my own work with the public.

I wrote the Owen & Makayla romance story series, and now I’m working on two novels: The Accidental Swipe, a romantic comedy based on my #MyTinderSeries blog serial, and Living Between Dreams, a women’s fiction novel and book one of the Living Between Dreams series. I’m an English professor and have a day job to support this writing “habit.”

About #WeekendDIYGirl

Y. M. Nelson is an avid DIY and home improvement show watcher who crafts, creates, and attempts to fix stuff around her house. “Weekend DIY Girl” started as a way to chronicle the good, the bad, and the creative that happens when an amateur (read: beginner) attempts to do DIY home projects, thinks of ways to reuse home items, and tries to design crafts. It’s now become a resource for other DIYers and a place to purchase some unique and cool items.