Want to know where I get my inspiration? Check out my new social media sites!

Even though I’ve had two separate blogs for a while, I thought I could make-do with one social media account for both blogs. Since then, I’ve had a rebrand of my romance writing persona and #WeekendDIYGirl has gotten a mind of her own and decided she wants to grow.

Because of that, I’ve given this blog its own outlets: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel all dedicated to #Weekend DIY Girl.

Why should I follow you?

While this site is built as a one-stop shop for my specific products, if you’re reading this now, you love the projects I do. And you probably want to know more about those projects, or how others are doing them, or what else I’m working on. That’s where my social media sites come in.

Pinterest is where I get a lot of my inspiration. I love creating boards there with all the projects I’ve wanted to do and how others are completing them

Instagram is my most interactive platform and shows some of the future of where I see #weekendDIYGirl going. It’s also where I post interim pictures of my projects and ask you for input (right now I’ve got wallpaper choices up there).

My hope with Facebook is to bring you my homemade sewn crafts and eventually swag items, because who doesn’t love a great t-shirt with a theme?

And all of my videos on new projects will reside on YouTube. I also hope to have some video tutorials, so you can get tinto this DIY thing, too!

Can’t wait to see you on the internets!

#WeekendDIYGirl on Instagram and Facebook

Instagram and Facebook feeds

#WeekendDIYGirl on Pinterest

#WeekendDIYGirl on YouTube

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