Easy Art Installation

I love flowers. But cut flowers depress me a little because they don’t last. Why not capture the beauty in a photo or better yet a series of photos?

I took a few pictures of this arrangement I received using my newly up-cycled coffee table as a background. These were staged photos, but they were simple camera phone pictures.

Then I used the grayscale filter most photo software has and created black and white artistic images. After choosing 3 I really liked, I sent them to a chain pharmacy for simple 4″x6″ prints.

Most chain pharmacies have online photo printing software where you can upload your photos and send them to the store to print. I even did some brightening and adjustment once I uploaded the photos to the pharmacy. These were ready the same day.

I purchased frames already matted with a simple style mat. These are 5×7″ frames matted for 4×6″ photos. After assembly, these are ready to hang!

This project was fast and cheap. Altogether, not including the flower arrangement, I spent around $15- $20 by getting these upgraded frames on sale (or you can get basic frames for the same price) and keeping the photo size a standard 4×6″.

Extra tips:

When hanging these make sure you have enough wall space for all the framed photos. Measure your space twice, marking where each picture will go, before attempting to hang them.

Hang the middle photo first, to ensure your art installation is centered.


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