The Never-Ending Desktop Project

This project that wasn't supposed to happen  just wouldn't end. I worked on this desktop for about 8 months on the weekends. Some weekends, it just sat in my garage, already gathering dust. How it began The real project (that I haven't started yet) is a coffee table up-cycle using some wood from a broken … Continue reading The Never-Ending Desktop Project

Going tankless: Thoughts on tankless water heaters

Happy 2019! First off, thanks for sticking with me into 2019! While I have been focused more on my novel WIP (Work-In-Progress) and the last volume of my eStory trilogy (see for that), I'm still doing home improvements, DIY projects, crafting, and generally breaking stuff up. To get all the juicy posts about my … Continue reading Going tankless: Thoughts on tankless water heaters