Sometimes things don’t turn out right… Home Office Reno, part 6 of 7

I attempted two final projects in my home office renovation that I thought could easily be done with some items I already own. One was a clock, the other was a wastebasket. Turns out I was wrong. On both counts. I attempted the clock a few months ago. Like, it was still hot outside. (Continue reading “Sometimes things don’t turn out right… Home Office Reno, part 6 of 7”


Look for “Weekend DIY Girl” on Fridays; My products on Etsy

Now that “Weekend DIY Girl” is back, you might have noticed that I’m posting only on Fridays. This is deliberate: 1) because it’s the start of the weekend (duh), and 2) so you know when to expect my nuggets of goodness (in other words, to keep me on track so I won’t leave you again). Starting next week, IContinue reading “Look for “Weekend DIY Girl” on Fridays; My products on Etsy”

Say I love you with…a toilet seat replacement?

Valentine’s Day is not just about giving candy and cards to significant others and friends, it’s about showing your love language. Which for my brother must be acts of service because it involves replacing a toilet seat. Yep. Well to be fair, I had already called my brother to help repair a piece of furniture,Continue reading “Say I love you with…a toilet seat replacement?”

Quarantine 2020 Projects: Shelf Floor Lamp Upcycle

Quarantine has been interesting for my #WeekendDIYGirl projects. I can’t help seeing all these projects I want to tackle because I am around the house all day. This project happened because I decided to rearrange my bedroom. (I had the furniture moving stuff out from my home office reno and thought why not? *smh*) WhenContinue reading “Quarantine 2020 Projects: Shelf Floor Lamp Upcycle”

Instagram Giveaway from my favorite crafter!

I’ve reached 200 followers on Instagram! To celebrate, I am giving away a craft item from one of my favorite Etsy Crafters, Create Some Envy. You probably remember my post on her store when it was Free Spirit Crafting Co. She has expanded her offerings, so you should check them out! In the meantime, seeContinue reading “Instagram Giveaway from my favorite crafter!”

Home Office Reno, part 5 of … The Little Things

For the last few weeks, this #WeekendDIYGirl has been doing a few repainting and arts and crafts projects to finish up my home office. While some upsetting life stuff a few weeks ago threw a wrench into some of my plans and fizzled a little of my motivation, it also gave me more free timeContinue reading “Home Office Reno, part 5 of … The Little Things”